Donating ART

Ceremony of art donation at Wesley Girls’ High School. Dr. Cecilia Koo (the 3rd from right, front row) and founder of Be Fine Art Gallery (the 5th from the right, front row)
As an art lover, the collector Mrs. Cheerora Yeh founded be Fine Art with her younger brother in 1998, introducing worldwide renowned artists from Russia, Indonesia, Japan, Germany and France, etc. for exchange in Taiwan to serve domestic community of art and culture, facilitating Taiwanese circle of art collection and the public to approach diversified artistic expressions; meanwhile, the concept involving artistic life has been promoted and practiced through positively curating with the collaboration from public and private institutions, that further identifies core commitment from corporate culture in requiting the society with various professional resources.

be Fine Art firmly believes: Art always provides comforting power. For more than ten years, therefore, we strive to devote our efforts to reciprocate the community by continuously donating artworks to appropriate medical, cultural and educational institutions. “Donating ART” has been one of our relentless goals that we urge along the way.

  • Taipei City Hospital Jen-Ai
  • Taipei City Hospital Jen-Ai
  • Wesley Girls High School
  • Hua Hsin Children’s Home
  • Taipei Zoo, Taiwan
  • Tiergarten Nürnberg Zoo, Germany

↑ Ceremony of art donation at Taipei Zoo, 2006. Founder of Be Fine Art Gallery (left) and the Director of Taipei Zoo (right)
↓ Ceremony of art donation in Taipei City Hospital Jen-Ai. founder of Be Fine Art Gallery (left)

NTUCH Art Donation Project (2007-2009)

A research conducted by Chelsea and Westminster Hospital from London UK in 2003 demonstrates that artworks in the hospitals may not only comfort family’s emotion and relieve 75% of stress from medical staff but also enable 80% of patients to be in a pleasant mood for patiently passing through the relatively long therapeutic period.

The National Taiwan University Children’s Hospital (NTUCH) Art Donation Project was initiated by the founder Mrs. Cheerora Yeh during the period when she was taking care of her hospitalized grandson due to septicemia, personally feeling the dull atmosphere of hospital space that affecting the moods of patients, family and medical staff, especially for those children who scared to see a doctor. Accordingly, she appealed to originate the aesthetic hospital project. It took two years for be Fine Art to plan and prepare the project, traveling a long instance to investigate The University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children's Hospital in the US and the National Center for Child Health and Development in Japan and jointly conducting research as well as coordinating fundraising with National Taiwan University Hospital. Consequently, more than two hundred of painting and sculpture artworks were properly organized. In 2008 when the first national children’s hospital was dedicated, with the common commitment from nineteen domestic enterprises, we fulfilled this original aspiration in rendering utmost compassion by donating artworks.

As a great achievement integrating healthcare with art, NTUCH has become the first aesthetic hospital in Taiwan. NTUCH Art Donation Project not only represents a landmark for Taiwanese medical history but also pours a warm stream of tender solicitude towards the next generation of the country.

  • Photo taken in front of donating painting. Executive director and founder of Be Fine Art Gallery (left and right). The former Representative of Indonesia, Mr. Suhartono
  • Ceremony of NTUCH Art Donation Project in National Taiwan Children’s Hospital. Director of National Taiwan Hospital and the founder of Be Fine Art Gallery (right)
  • A ribbon cutting ceremony of NTUCH Art Donation Project. The founder of Be Fine Art Gallery (3rd from the left) and preventatives of participating enterprise

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