Rediscovering Chiayi Art Legacy: Dr. Lin Wo Yun and Ching Chen Art Society

November 30, 2023 - March 31, 2024add to calender

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The pre-war Painting Capital, Chiayi, is an important footnote in the history of the development of Taiwanese art. The spirit represented by the artists of this era, their influence on later generations, and the few extant works are important artistic assets in Taiwan and have a high degree of tangible and intangible cultural value.

Ching Chen Art Society was established in 1940 and was the most important Western painting art group in Chiayi at that time. It was initiated by Lin Rong-Jie, Dai Wen-Zhong, Weng Kun-Hui, Weng Kun-De, Chang Yi-Hsiung and others, with Chen Cheng-po as consultant. At the beginning of its establishment, it held a joint exhibition with Chun-Meng Painting Society at the Chiayi City Public Hall. The main sponsor behind the Ching Chen Art Society is Lin Wo Yun, the first Western medicine doctor in Chiayi.

The medical community in Chiayi before the war, represented by Dr. Lin Wo Yun, was a special group. In the 1930s, the prosperity of the wood industry in Chiayi led to local prosperity, and it became the place with the largest number of physicians in Taiwan then; many of them were art practitioners. They are important sponsors of the art scene in general, directly participating in artistic creation through poetry, calligraphy, and painting. They were active in major cities in Taiwan.

This exhibition follows the life story of Lin Wo Yun, along with his poems from different periods, and displays his calligraphy works on paper created between 1932 and 1952. We not only display works by members of Ching Chen Art Society, including Zhang Yi-Hsiung, Liu Xin-Lu, Kanichi Anzai and others. But we also present works of artists who were active in Chun-Meng Painting Society at the 1940s, such as Lin Yu-shan, Zhang Li De-he, etc. The precious exhibits are generously lent by private collectors and artists’ family. This is a non-commercial exhibition. During the exhibition, various lectures, podcasts, and community walking activities will be held to recreate the humanistic style of the pre-war painting capital and reconstruct Chiayi cultural value. Be Fine Art Gallery sincerely invite you to this exhibition!

Special Thanks to Professor Lin Shen-Lu, Mrs. Guo Chen Show-Yeh, Mr. Lin Rong-Yeh, Mr. Wang Te-Ho, Mr. Minoru Yamaguchi, Mr. Chang Shang-Wei.

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