October 4, 2021

Be Fine Art Gallery Participating Art Taipei 2021

international Curator Ms. Anne Avramut as general curator of the show
Artist: SenatrA, Andrey Ostashov
In the post-pandemic era, art and culture, are they getting more intimate to us, or more distant from our lives? Having on one hand closed borders and ever-expanded cyber world on the other, “it was the best of times. It was the worst of times --- for the global art scene at this moment.

In Art Taipei 2021, Be Fine Art Gallery is pleased to have international Curator Ms. Anne Avramut as general curator of the show. Ms. Avramut is active in curating in many European countries, USA, Kazakhstan, and Indonesia. Her specialties are Cultural Heritage and Art History.

The two artists participating in the exhibition: Belarusian national treasure sculptor Andrey Ostashov and emerging European Painter SenatrA from Moscow. The two native Russian-speaking artists will use 75 square meters of space to show different forms of art: bronze sculptures, graphic paintings, and installations. The unprecedented combination is expected to bring to the audience refreshing visual satisfaction and spiritual feelings.

Both Ostashov and SenatrA are working beyond their original background. Their works were influenced by various cultural forces. There are obvious Eastern philosophies and Asian elements in Andrey Ostashov’s sculpture world. SenatrA’s urban street inspired style marks the globalized scenery that she’d grown up surrounded by. Both artists use different media to show us their awareness of today's material world and the human mind. As the external environment becomes more chaotic and turbulent, through this exhibition, we hope that viewers would distinguish the difference between their internal and external worlds, and that they would find the potency of art and culture.
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