April 9, 2016


Artist: Ying Chou
Legend of Wood & Stone - Exhibition of Donated Works by Ying Chou, showing from April 9 to June 12, is a preciously distinguished exhibition for the art circle in Taiwan. National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts especially arranged Ying Chou’s significantly abundant artworks in “the most respectable exhibition hall”-102 Gallery as a gesture to pay tribute to the great master.

In the opening ceremony and press conference held in the afternoon of April 9, Director Tsung-Huang Hsiao elaborated on the whole story about this collection project and exhibition, expressing sincere appreciation to the generous donation by Ying Chou’s family; the exhibition curator, Professor Hsiao Chong-Ray from National Cheng-Kung University thoroughly described context of Master’s creation, representing the exclusive template-rubbing technique to lead the audience to appreciate these lively graceful works; one of Chou’s favorite pupils, artist Ho Kan also personally witnessed Master’s journey of the heart in creation, comprehensively expressing the enthusiastic sentiment of devoting himself to Taiwan’s art education. Speech from renowned artist C. Jessy Chou, Ying Chou’s family representative profoundly addressed his warmest affection to his father and mentor of life.

The artworks on display show a wide range of collection of an artist’s works, 52 works in total, of which 34 works were donated by the artist’s family to the museum collection. It provides precious resources and clues for the research of Master’s creative context and the development of Taiwanese art. The exhibition consists of three themes, “Desire of Life”, “Song of Stones”, and “Praise of Wood”, presenting 52 works of woodblock printing, screen-printing, mixed media creation and an exclusively creative video of documentation of the illustrated techniques of “Song of Stones.

The unique technique and innovative conception in Ying Chou’s artworks, highly praised by art circle, virtually constructed the prosperous content of contemporary culture, streaming Chinese literati tradition and praise of nature. After appreciation of Legend of Wood & Stone - Exhibition of Donated Works by Ying Chou, we recognize a complete picture of creative variety and remarkable talent in Master’s artworks, recounting his undying true affection for Taiwan’s landscape and culture, as well as the devotion and passion for art creation, through all those social and cultural transitions he experienced in life. Such a plentiful aesthetic experience impressively renders us purity and warmth, leading us to realize the changing nature of life.


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